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Infamous Mobb followed the precedent established by fellow Queensbridge rappers Nas and Mobb Deep. The latter introduced the trio -- comprised of Ty Nitty, Gambino, and Godfather, Pt. 3 -- on Hell on Earth (1996) and Murda Muzik (1998); however, Infamous Mobb didn't release their debut album until 2002, after guest appearances on DJ Muggs' second Soul Assassins album and Nas' QB Finest collection. The trio's debut album, Special Edition, featured extensive production work by Alchemist and was self-relased on their own IM3 label (distributed by Landspeed Records). They returned a couple years later in 2004 with Blood Thicker Than Water, Vol. 1, which was again self-released on IM3 (via Monopolee this time). The album was accompanied by a bonus DVD including numerous music videos as well as in-depth interviews with various members of the Queensbridge hardcore rap scene of which Infamous Mobb are an integral part. The Infamous Mobb are true affiliates of the Duo Mobb Deep where they are true residents of the Queensbridge housing projects to this day. The term infamous mobb refers to the entire Mobb where the trio are the infamous branch hence the name.

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