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Infected biography

There are at least seven artists which use this name: 1. A metal band from Germany 2. A death metal band from Switzerland 3. An industrial band from Australia 4. A thrash metal band from Iceland 5. A progressive death metal band from Latvia 6. A punk band from the United States 7. A death grind band from the Ukraine 1. A metal band from Sinzig, Germany, who defined their style as modern death metal. The 5 friends released 2 EPs: "Coma" (2007) and "Branded" (2009, Web-EP). Both EPs are available for free download on their website. Infected was founded in 2004 and disbanded in 2011 to get involved in several follow-up projects. Weblinks: 2. Death/thrash band from Switzerland, released an album called Dark Century in 1989. 3. Industrial/metal hybrid from Perth, Western Australia, who began in 1993 and split in 1996 but have reunited in July 2003 to record a new EP "Straight White God". They released it in 2008, and s only available as a download from the iNFeCTeD website 4. Young Icelandic thrash/death metal band. 5. Latvian progressive death metal band. 6. Infected. A punk band since the early 90s from Lexington, KY, USA. 7. Ukrainian Death-Grind Infected band is demo "Infected Generation"

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