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There is more than one artist using this name: 1) Influence was a heavy metal band from the tip of North Holland. Since the band was founded in 1996, Influence has increasingly developed its own style, which could be described as melodious, energetic and powerful. From the very start, the band has written its own numbers, drawing inspiration mainly from Iron Maiden, but also from Metallica, Primal Fear, Judas Priest and Queensryche. Influence brings a modern style to the classic heavy metal mould. In the past years the band wrote a lot of songs: from classics as 'Riders of the night'to the epic 'Those tears are gone', from the melodic 'Black shadow' to the pounding 'Steel angels'. The band consists of Bas Assenbroek (lead vocals), Erwin van Egmond (guitar and vocals), Martijn de Vries (guitar and vocals), Fabian de Bakker (drums) and Paul van Zoolingen (bass). The band split up in 2008 after a six month search for a new singer after Bas Assenbroek left the band in november 2007. 2) Influence are an alternative/acoustic band from Brighton, England. Their use of delay pedals and acoustic guitars come through into productive-experimental beauty. In the process of finishing their third demo, the two-piece hail from the coast, in Brighton. Inspirations come from the likes of Jeremy Warmsley, Interpol and Patrick Wolf. 3)THE GREEK PROJECT DJ MCD (a.k.a A Dog Named Rodriguez,one of the founding members of Active Member) and Kostas Mantos are the production minds behind the Influence project.Influence was created in 2005, releasing the album "Influenced by you", and receiving warm and enthusiastic reviews from the Greek and international press, as well as they support and airplay of many Greek radio stations. Many of the songs in the first album have been included in many Greek dance compilations, such "LA SUITE", "SUNSET AND SUNRISE'", "GREEKS UNITED" and many others. Their second album "promise" is one of those cases where the sequel is even better than the initial take! They have recruited the aethereal voice of Lia Hide one more time. Her voice captures the soulful summer vibe of their music in the finest way and the result rightly places their work amongst the finest albums of this summer.INFLUENCE ARE LOUNGING VOCAL HOUSE, WITH TRACES OF WORLD MUSIC AND A SENT OF CHILL OUT AND SOULFUL MUSIC. ENJOY! 4) Influence (2000-2004) was a thrash/nu-metal/rap-core band from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. that used to play at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus (where Dimebag Darrell got killed). ~Lead Singer: Shawn Lee Prifogle ~Guitars, backing vocals and massively heavy SCREAMS: Jeremy Peart ~Guitars: Rick (Ruckus) Nelson ~Bass: Derek Miller ~Drums: Kenny Woodward ~Tables: Aaron (DJ Perm) Meredith sometimes Tony M. or Matt on bass sometimes Tim Patterson on drums sometimes Nick on lead vocals Their rare debut album 'Enigmatic' was recorded at Thornapple Sound Studios, engineered by Tim Patterson, mixed by Russ Keeney and mastered by Brian Harsh.

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