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INVISIUS was conceived in 2006 and since then, things have moved fast for the very young constellation. The band has played shows with recognized Danish and international acts like, amongst others, Neaera, Trigger The Bloodshed, War From A Harlots Mouth, Hatesphere and Mnemic, and have as well released two demos, won the award “Talent of the Year” at the Danish Metal Awards 2007, which brought them on ”DMeA Talent Tour”. Last but not least, INVISIUS has provided music for the Crone Films production ”Barry and the Sunshine worms”. It premiered in 27 countries worldwide in 2008. The debut album "The Spawn Of Condemnation was released in 2010 through Mighty Music and brought INVISIUS a lot of recognition as Rock Hard's "Recommendation Of The Month' and great reviews all over Europe. INVISIUS debuted in the summer of 2006, with Dying Souls. Critics and audiences watched with surprise, when the very young band, at the time with members down to 13 years of age, for the first time made a mark in the Danish metal scene. The band had its live debut that year too and has since toured all over Denmark, both headlining shows but also playing with bands as Neaera, Trigger The Bloodshed, War From A Harlots Mouth, Hatesphere, Mnemic and other acclaimed Danish and international metal bands. INVISIUS appeared abroad, for the first time in the fall of 2008, when the band played a festival gig in Holland, as the youngest Danish metal act ever. Less than a year after releasing their first demo, INVISIUS’ second release hit the scene, and that proved worthy of an award at the Danish Metal Awards, securing the band ”Talent of The Year Award”, which they proudly accepted at a crowded Amager Bio, in November 2007. The jury consisted of recognized critics and producers, alongside members of the Roskilde Festival Committee. Besides the honourable title, INVISIUS received a monitary prize of 10.000,- DKK and was also announced co- headlining the following year’s ”Talent Tour” sponsored by Roskilde Festival and Danish music magazine GAFFA. In the spring of 2008 the film industry showed keen interest in INVISIUS, as Crone Films, a Copenhagen based production company, contacted the band in hope of a collaboration. The director of the animation film ”Sunshine Barry and the disco worms” contacted the band, personally, as he regarded INVISIUS to be the most groundbreaking Danish demo band, with a sound and energy that he had not previously experienced. In the fall of 2008, the million dollar movie premiered, containing music by INVISIUS, in 27 countries worldwide. INVISIUS then allied with acclaimed producers Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Dúné, Hatesphere, Raunchy, etc.) and Christian Bonde Sørensen. With high levels of both creativity and anticipation, the band went into the studio, initiating a more longlasting and intense recording process than previously. INVISIUS spent months, recording in various studios, combing recordings for any errors and much creative effort was afforded – all this a mission to create a groundbreaking full-length release with nerve and intensity and more hard-hitting than ever. With recording production and artwork by the best in their profession, and a record contract with the leading rock/metal label in Denmark, INVISIUS was about to hit the shelves with a massive release - and they did. ”The Spawn Of Condemnation” was released in Denmark on March 1st 2010, and in the rest of Europe on June 26th and brought INVISIUS recognition and credits as Rock Hard's 'Recommendation Of The Month' and with great reviews in both Rock Hard (8/10), Metal Hammer (5/7), Legacy (9/15), GAFFA (4/6) on Diskant (9/10) and (90/100). After the release of 'The Spawn Of Condemnation' INVISIUS played shows all over Denmark before entering the studio again during Autumn of 2010 to start pre recording the first songs of their upcoming album. The next album is set to release in 2011 and INVISIUS is planning extensive Danish and European touring dates in connection with the upcoming release Band members: Martin Traberg bennetzen (guitar) Jeppe Tobiassen (guitar) Nikolaj Fogh (drums) Jakob Fall Hansen (vocals) Jeppe Andersson (bass)

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