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It Prevails is a five piece US metalcore/melodic hardcore band formed in late 2004 in the southwest area of a city called Portland, Oregon. The band draws influence from 90's metal/hardcore and classic rock. Bands like Shai Hulud, Hopesfall, Beloved, Twelve Tribes, Posion The Well, and Hot Water Music were on constant rotation at hangouts during their inception. A premium was placed on lyrics related to struggles of the human condition and altruistic actions. After two full-length records and two EPs, the band has released a third full-length, "Stroma," on Mediaskare Records on August, 2nd 2011. Current Line-up Ian Fike - Vocals (2004-present) Chris Tsanjoures - Guitar (2010-present) Nic Toten - Guitar (2008, 2011-present) Nate Dorval - Bass (2010-present) Jarrod Rose - Drums (2011-present)

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