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DJ Italian Sensation is a Hardstyle Producer and American DJ out of Bloomfield, NJ where he was born and raised. He Produces Progressive House, Fidget House, Dutch House, Jersey Club, Baltimore Club, Electro House, Hands Up, Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, and a few other genres. He has been producing music for the past 2-3 years, and only spinning as a DJ since April of 2009. His first live event was Electro Poppin' 2 in Denver Colorado. Sensation Started out in the scene producing Hardstyle, which he loved right from the start. At a younger age, Sensation was never actually even interested in the electronica/dance music scene and gravitated for the most part to rock and rap. One evening, while reading up on one of his favorite groups, the multi-platinum Linkin Park, he found a dance-based remix for the song, "In The End" which he absolutely fell in love with. From here on, DJ Italian Sensation would be hooked to the dance music scene for life. Already gaining experience from his brother, Sensation had a platform of audio software and knowledge from which he could build his musical career from. He obtained all of his current equipment around the end of 2008 to mid 2009, and from here he started producing with a much more serious mindset. For the new decade, Italian Sensation plans one of the biggest hyped-releases of his musical career, starting in 2010. DJ Italian Sensation, speaking on upcoming plans, "I haven't put out an official album yet, but there's definitly plans set for the new year to release not only an album, but plenty of original tracks as well as remixes that will be available on beatport and itunes".

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