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Vania Todorova Kaludova (Bulgarian Cyrillic: Ваня Тодорова Калудова), better known as Ivana (Ивана), is a popular Bulgarian female singer. She is one of the most prolific performers in the pop-folk music style in Bulgaria. Biography Ivana was born on January 31, 1969 in Aytos, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Svishtov University of Economics, and then studied at the Bourgas Free University for one term before leaving the law for later. Meanwhile, Ivana married. She has a daughter whose name is Teodora (Теодора). Career Ivana’s father worked along the Black sea coast with his orchestra. One night, their singer got sick and his daughter Ivana had to sing several Bulgarian folklore songs in place of her. Ivana was perfect. She was immediately offered to perform with the orchestra for the summer. She was 14 years old and really liked being on the stage. After that she made a female formation called "Prima +", including her, Stoqna and Rumen Radoinov. The group was invited to sing at the hotel estate `Prikazkite` (translation: "The tales"). Ivana’s talent was noticed by the owner of the musical company Payner – Mitko Dimitrov(in bg Митко Димитров). He offered her a contract. Vanya Todorova Kaludova became Ivana and the hits started to appear one by one. Her first song is `Idol`, the second one, a duet with the male singer Kosta Markov, was `Darvo bez koren`(A tree without roots). Her third single became a real hit – `100 patrona` (100 cartridges). The debut album was named on this song. She came to prominence and fame with that album, released in 2000. In the next 8 years Ivana became the biggest Bulgarian star. She is also known as "the singer of the people", not only because she is loved by many, but also for her unsophisticated manner while communicating with her fans. And now for the other Ivana - a Chica Yeye artist from the 60's.

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