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IZA has long been destined for success on international stage. She won her first talent show at the age of five, started writing her own music at fifteen, signed her first record deal at seventeen ( EMI), and, by the age of twenty-two had been nominated for two Polish Grammies, including “Album of the Year”. A talent like this couldn’t stay in just one country for long. Soon she was noticed by MTV, who made her their “Artist of the Week” and proclaimed her, for the first time, the Princess of Polish Pop. Not long after hip hop icon and entertainment mogul Snoop Dogg stumbled on Iza’s Soundcloud page. Naturally, it took no time at all for one talent to recognize another. Snoop immediately set out to contact Iza, not only to offer his guidance and experience, but to collaborate with this promising young artist. The two shot a movie “Birds of a Feather” in Iza’s hometown Łódź (premiered at SXSW 2013), wrote a theme song for soap opera “One life to live” (“Brand New Start”) and recently released a video “No Ordinary Affair”. IZA released three mix tapes in written and produced by herself and Snoop. She was a guest on his GGN show while performing at Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles. IZA and her band also performed at CMJ Music Fest in New York. Her new album “P A I N K I L L E R” is set to release on September 30th 2014. Album’s leading single is “Undecided” featuring Soopafly. The song also promotes a “Beautiful Disaster” collection that IZA designed in collaboration with polish clothing brand “CROPP”.

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