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Jarkko Kalevi Ahola (born 24th August 1977 at Toijala, Finland) is the lead singer of Finnish power-metal band Teräsbetoni. He has also sang on Dreamtale's album Difference. J. discovered his love for music while in Junior High School. Throughout his career, J. has constantly been active with numerous different bands/projects and has put out six of his own demos. A few of the bands J. has been involved with are Dreamtale, Cosmic Spell and Helmisetti. On christmas album Raskaampaa Joulua [Heavier Christmas], made by front-row Finnish metal artists, Ahola sings two songs: Ilouutinen (by Jaakko Löytty) and En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa (by Jean Sibelius). J. enjoys performing small acoustic gigs allowing him to get back to his roots by singing cover songs he finds meaningful. Ahola's talented voice has often been compared to Ronnie James Dio.

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