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J. Blackfoot (born John Colbert, 20 November 1946 – 30 November 2011) was a singer from Greenville, Mississippi, USA who had a hit single called "Taxi", released on the Allegiance record label. It entered the UK Singles Chart on 17 March 1984. It remained in the charts for 4 weeks, reaching position 48. It also hit number 90 on the U.S. pop chart and number 4 on the U.S. soul/R&B chart. John Colbert acquired the nickname of J. Blackfoot when he was a child in Memphis, because he used to walk in bare feet on the sidewalk. In 1965, while spending some time in Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville for car theft, he met Johnny Bragg, the founder of the Prisonaires vocal group. In the late 1960, he signed up to Stax Records, and joined a singing group called The Soul Children, which existed for 10 years and had 15 U.S. soul/R&B chart hits. In 1984, J. Blackfoot started his solo career, which continued into the 21st century. His last album was released in 2009.

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