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J Bostron - DJ Producer Glasgow UK www.myspace.com/djbostron | www.myspace.com/audiobulletrec | www.junglex.ca | www.myspace.com/humfidrum | http://onedrop.moonfruit.com AIM = JBostronuk Drum & Bass, Ragga, Jungle, Jump up, Dubwise, Dubstep, Turntable music High energy levels and brilliantly selected reggae samples. A son of the emerald isle now taking residence in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Representing a sound of jungle orientated Drum and Bass of dubwise raggae influence. Stacking up the air miles, J Bostron is ripping up dancefloors throughout the EU and Eastern Europe, having proudly represented his sound in such events as the much applauded Bangface in London and Audio Bullet Records nights in Germany. Vinyl available from One Drop Sound and a host of digital releases available on both American and European labels, aswell as new releases on Raw Recordings and Audio Bullet, watch out for more upfront material from J Bostron available from all good record stores and your favourite online retailers.

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