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J Frequency is involved in Jungle/ Drum and Bass since the early 90´s. He started Djing and played on loads of events in the upgrowing german DnB scene. After a couple of years he started producing and promoting. He promoted the raves like "United Vibes", "Invasion" and the "REAL!" Club in Germany. J Frequency owns the Label Dutty Rock in Reading/ UK. Dutty Rock is part of NuUrbanMusic, one of the biggest DnB distributers worldwide. He founded the label with his close friend and manager Tobie Scopes (Serial Killaz). In late 2006 another new Label will be founded called " TWISTED FREQUENCY ". Twisted Frequency is a pure Jump Up and Deep DnB Label. It will be a new meeting point for producers all over the world. J Frequency also works with Uk Apache and released the first release on his brandnew label Nuttah Beats ( Badman NB 001 ). His first release on his own label Dutty Rock (while u gone) entered the DnB Sales charts on position one and was sold out after a few hours. The second Dutty Rock release (don´t run away) followed in succsess to the first one. Also he is signed by Kenny Ken on his label Mix n Blend with the tunes "Bam Bam" and "Bounty Hunter" wich are played by many a- list Dj´s. J Frequency´s got Dj support on his tunes by: Ashatack, Hype, Lemon D, Kenny Ken, Benny Page, Tomi Kayne, Phantasy, Nicky Blackmarket, Serial Killaz and many more. Forthcoming releases will be: Dutty Rock 003, While u gone ( Benny Page Rmx ) and Giana Sisters ( J Frequency ), By any means ( J Frequency & Uk Apache ) Nuttah Beats, We bring the soul & Powersound ( Mix n Blend ), Stalker & Killswitch ( Coded Frequency )

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