J-friends top 20 songs


J-friends biography

1998 - 2003 J-FRIENDS is a SPECIAL/TEMPORARY UNIT of J&A that comprises of 13 members from three debuted groups such as TOKIO , V6 and KinKi Kids . Essentially, the group was formed for charity purposes and had worked with many different international personalities and artists that helped in their releases such as Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and many more. The group ended their activities together by the end of 2002, focusing on their original groups. They are also the forerunners of the Johnny's Countdown. An event that happens on the eve of a New Year and features J&A talents in Tokyo Dome. Discography [1998]"Ashita ga Kikoeru/Children's Holiday" (明日が聴こえる/Children's Holiday?) [1999] "Next 100 Years" [1999] "People of the World" [2000] "I Will Get There" [2001] "Always (A Song For Love)" [2002] "Love Me All Over"

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