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I am now J. Futuristic because I created the “Futuristic Swag,” says the always energetic 24 year-old. “I created this lane and I am going to own it.” J’s style, swavor (his version of swagger” and sound are all about positivity. “I am still grown and living my life, so I am not saying that I am Mr. Perfect. But, I am not doing music to promote the trap. I am doing music because I love it.” Being futuristic goes beyond music, it is his life. “The word defines my lifestyle,” he explains. “Even before I started rapping, I would always say, ‘Man, I am futuristic’. My flow, dress code and the way I talk and kick it are all futuristic. It’s about having charisma, being bold and most importantly looking brand new.” J. Neutron: The Music The success of “First Name, Last Name” has solidified J’s standing as one of the most individual and progressive rappers not only in hip-hop fertile Atlanta, but in the music industry period. His inventive sound continues on his highly-anticipated debut album, J. Neutron, on Bases Loaded Records/Universal. “Chips”—a tasty metaphorical ode to his lifestyle shouting out his favorite snacks—bangs with a cartoonish-ping and is a future smash for the 106 and Park generation. “I want to feed the kids something positive and fun,” he says. “I want to show them a different way and that you don’t have to be violent or a drug dealer to make it. Their parents will allow them to follow me. I have done everything in the streets but you will very rarely hear me bragging about it.” J also has respect for the ladies and exhibits it on tracks like the infectious “Favorite Girl” and the cool and breezy “Girl, You Make Me Wanna Sing.” “You know how you see a girl and she makes you want to do things that you have never done before? I ain’t a singer, but I am saying this one has me gone,” he laughs.

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