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To get ahead in the music business today you have to be more than just one dimensional. You need to be able to check off a long list of attributes when hoping to make an impact and thankfully J Lewis can do just that. And it isn't just skills in the studio this aura of talent oozes, he gets what this industry is all about. Hailing from Dallas, Texas and a signee of the mighty Interscope we give you J Lewis. J Lewis is ...Mad Max regulating the landscape of a post-ipod-calyptic industry. El Mariachi wielding his musical weapon in a stage-lighted, pyrotechnic blaze of glory. He is a musical maverick commandeering melodies into an eclectic synthesis of sound. He is Middle America seasoned with urban gusto; multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, vocalist, and dancer. QUICK INTERVIEWS|→ INTRODUCING BLACKGROUND RECORDING ARTIST J. LEWIS Newly signed to Blackgroud/Interscope recording artist, J. Lewis, hails from Middle America, but he's no factory packaged singer. With a touch of street savy, Lewis is an multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, vocalist, and dancer. Lewis recently took time out from recording his debut album to talk with Quick's Catch Up about his journey, upcoming album, and the music industry. [QUICK] How did you break into the industry and eventually find yourself signed to the Blackground/Interscope imprint? [J. LEWIS] I had been playing open mics and clubs for about 2-3 years before I got signed. I was showcasing to a bunch of different labels when I got a meeting with Blackground/Interscope. I went in and played some songs for them and they made me an offer that day. It's crazy but it really does just take a lot of groundwork to get a foot in the door and be ready. Getting signed is only the start though. Step 1 of 1000. When you first walked into the Blackground office, where there any artists that you saw with gold and platinum records on the walls that had an influence on you when you were growing up? [J. LEWIS] Ya, of course… Blackground has started and helped so many artists that have literally changed the sound of music. Timbaland, R. Kelly, Missy, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, just to name a few. I still can't wait to work with Tim… Call me Tim. New artists have a tough task of both selling themselves and their music these days. What does J. Lewis bring to the industry, and how do you describe your sound? [J. LEWIS] It's funny, this is the question you get asked the most and it's always a weird question to answer. I'm just having a blast in the studio, writing and creating. I'm working with a bunch of amazing producers and writers and we're putting together a great album. It's got a lot of different vibes with the same sonic sound. I'm very involved in writing and that keeps a clear direction. I also wanna make sure we can bring a fresh live take to all of the songs. Whether that's stripping it down to just an acoustic or a piano, or throwing more live elements into it. Since you are a singer/songwriter/producer, are you your own biggest critic when it comes to your music? [J. LEWIS] Ha… Ya totally. I write a lot so there's always stuff I'll do that I love and stuff that I wake up the next morning and go, "Ok…. and onto the next one…." The funny part is finding what other people like. I'll write a song and just be whatever on it, and people flip. Or the worse scenario, I write a song and am flipping over it and everyone else is whatever on it. I love seeing what type of people like what types of songs… Your fist single, “Dancing For Me,” featuring Flo Rida is being received well, what would you like for the single to accomplish? [J. LEWIS] Dancin' for me is a fun record. I just want the first single to bring people in and make em check out what I'm doin. Flo Rida works with the label a lot and had heard the record and liked it. Blackground/Interscope approached him and he sent his verses in like the next day or so. He was in Atlanta when he recorded his part so when he sent the files to us in LA we were all flippin in the studio. When can we expect your debut album to drop? [J. LEWIS] Hopefully after summertime. Who knows. We keep writing songs and the singles keep changing. Ha. I'm just gonna keep writing till they say it's closed and ready… I have a few songs that we're definitely gonna get features on. We're gonna start approaching other artists so we'll see... Are there any upcoming projects or appearances that you can tell us about at the time? [J. LEWIS] We're close to picking a second single and shootin' another video. After doin' one video I really wanna get back in and do another one. That was my first video and I can't wait to do another Look out for the album TBA to drop later this summer.

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