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"Do not sleep on J. Pinder... [his] rhymes are poignant and pose larger questions about morality, oppression, and how to rise above all the frustrations... we'd venture to say that by this time next year the dude will probably be a household name." – MTV Buzzworthy J. Pinder has accomplished an extraordinary amount for such a young artist. He has worked with the cream of Seattle hip hop (Jake One, Vitamin D, Kuddie Fresh), completed a national tours with Black Milk, Talib Kweli and Slum Village, worked with characters such as Guilty Simpson, had his recent video, Never No, in rotation on MTVu and had his most recent video, No Fault of Mine, premiere on XXL.. Pinder has made guest appearances on releases by Rhymesayers, Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum producer, Focus, and has been written up by both local press and heavy hitters such as XXL, URB and Okay Player. His track “Upside Down” was recently featured on "A Mother's Revenge" episode of ABC's new crime drama, Final Witness. That’s so far... and he’s twenty three years old. Such a fine resume alone would be astounding but J. Pinder has something else - something that eclipses these worldly accomplishments. J. Pinder's delivery, presence, and style suggest an understanding of the musical forms, of hip hop and beyond, that far exceeds his years on earth. His charismatic confidence and ability to tell complex stories in a poetic manner - but without mincing words and overwhelming the listener - intimate an artist that is well rounded, well listened, well versed and mature. His wide range of content, from the boisterous to the solemn, is always interwoven with his own very particular voice of strength and quiet grace. In a word J. Pinder is unique. Now with the vinyl release of CARELESS and the Careless Redux mixtape by DJ Skee J. finds himself on a precipice. And if his presence in his music says anything about his character, J. will balance himself in this new experience with maturity, strength and grace.

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