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Versatility is the dominating quality of J Reno’s artfully violent hip-hop. He grabs the genre by the throat, infuses his own unique style, embraces diversity and challenges convention with his dangerous creativity. “Music is my life,” says J Reno. It is paramount for him and his devotion yields tremendous returns in the form of infectious hip-hop songs that help to redefine the genre while maintaining the elements of the style that bring listeners to the record stores. J Reno’s music conjures a variety of emotions in the listener, replicating his own feelings for music. “Depending on the style of music or the concept of the song, it can make me feel many different ways.” J Reno continues to relate to the listeners, and his dedicated fans. A strong quality of hip-hop is determination and J Reno is not lacking in that department. His dedication to music and his potent desire to succeed push him every day to reach for the top and turn out the best music he can. That’s why listeners can be guaranteed a solid performance every time from J Reno. “Failure is not an option.” J Reno has opened for Shady Records’ Obie Trice, Royce Da 59, Tech N9ne and The Gathering of the Juggalos 2008. He nabbed WindsorHipHop.com and DJ Needle 9:14 Show award for best solo artist. He recently along with his group Academy, released their nationwide debut album entitled “Loyalty Is Limited.” which is Available now at HMV, ITunes, and other online retailers. J Reno emerged as a top 5 finalist in the Underground Psychos record deal contest in Detroit with Psychopathic Records. Just recently J Reno was featured on the Psychopathic Records / Hatchet House compilation album "Tunnel Runners" which is in stores Now and made a debut first week on Billboard Top Rap Albums chart at 21!. It is "The most devistating collection of unsigned underground Wicked Shit in the world today". He is currently working on the upcoming album "The Lunatic is back" which will feature the best in the Underground & Wicked shit community, including Michigan rap Legend, Shoestring of the Dayton Family, Menacide, Grewsum, T.O.N.E-Z, Academy, Claas, V Sinizter & More. Review "J Reno is one of the few artists who deserves the term 'innovator.'" - A&R Select "Straight up, true hip hop to the core" - Jumpsteady of Psychopathic Records "Easily one of the hardest working hip hop forces, and hands down the most successfull" - Upfront Magazine "Lyrics, Flow, Rap, Craftsmanship. No Gimmicks Necessary" ****/5 - Dalson Chen, Windsor Star " I Really Like this Shxt" - Violent J of Insane Clown Posse " Dude can Flow" - Jamie Madrox of Twiztid

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