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Jamrud biography

Jamrud is a rock band from Indonesia was first formed in 1989 in Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia with the name of Jamrock. Conceptor Jamrud are 'Aziz' Mangasi Siagian (guitar) and 'Ricky' Teddy (bass) and is known as a successful music group carrying the rock as a popular music in Indonesia in the 90's. Before become to Jamrud, the early formation of Jamrock: 'Aziz' Mangasi Siagian (guitar), 'Ricky' Teddy (bass), Agus (drums) and Oppi (vocals). This group is several times through personnel changes, Budhy Haryono, former GIGI drummers also ever joined Jamrock. Formation Jamrock eventually became a popular form known by fans in the 90's that is Azis (guitar), Ricky (bass), 'Anto' Krisyanto (vocals), 'Fitrah' Alamsyah (guitar) and 'Sandy' Handoko (drums). Jamrock become respected rock band around Bandung. At that time they mostly featuring songs from other famous rock band. They have increased their name during Krisyanto and Sandy Handoko (drums) joined Jamrock. Krisyanto himself was the Best Rock Vocalist on Bandung Rock Festival. Satisfied carry songs from other famous rock band , in 1995, Azis, Ricky, Krisyanto and Sandy began writing their own material and record a song demo. They offer these demos to record labels Log Zhelebour. Jamrock then awarded a contract to record and join log-owned record label, namely Logiss Records. With their entry into the log-owned record label, the name was changed from Jamrock to Jamrud. Jamrud increasingly successful on music and performances under the care of the record label owned by the Log Zhelebour. Their debut album Jamrud, Nekad (1996) achieved sales of more than 100 thousand copies in a short time. Their success continued with their second album, Putri (1997), the number of sales reached 200 thousand pieces. Large profits from the sales of albums Jamrud continue until they released Terima Kasih (1999). The album was very popular among young generation of Indonesia at the time, especially through the song "Berakit-rakit" and "Terimakasih", which sold up to touch the number 750 thousand copies, an extraordinary achievement for rock music album sales in Indonesia at that time. Commercial success was the album Ningrat(2000) which recorded sales of one million copies in Indonesia with its popular single "Surti-Tejo" and "Pelangi di Matamu". Other next successfully album: Sydney 090102 (2002), BO 18+ Ga' Cabul Lagi (2005) and All Acces in Love (2006). The success they achieved was not free from an unexpected event. In 1999 Sandy Handoko and Fitrah Alamsyah died because of drugs overdose. This is shocking news in Indonesian music industry at that time. Position Sandy Handoko later replaced by Suherman 'Herman' Husin. After Jamrud released four studio albums, in 2007 Krisyanto resigned from Jamrud. Krisyanto then released his first solo album titled Mimpi (2009). After Krisyanto resigned, Jamrud directly recruit new personnel. Three new personnel added into their band. They are Donald Amdonal Jaja (vocals), who replaced Krisyanto, Mochamad 'Irwan' (Guitars) and 'Danny' Rachman (drums), who replaced Suherman. With this new Jamrud formation, they released new album titled New Performance on Citos, Jakarta 2009. Jamrud plans to release a compilation album before doing the Tour in late 2009. Jamrud was determined to change their image and music concept with new personnel on the new album, Bumi & Langit which released at March 19, 2011.

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