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Jane III More than Lives Up to Their Name Emerging from entertainment’s capitol in Los Angeles, Jane III exploded onto the hip-hop scene in 2006 with their distinctive all-girl jive. The group’s three female performers throw a new twist on metro pop as they belt out their soulful repertoire and give up the moves. Cousins and friends, Jerika Scott, 19, and Earanequa Carter, 17—who hail from a hoppin’ family line of female singers and performers--have been singing and dancing for the past 8 years, and styling together ever since. Tristin Mays, 17--also from entertainment blood--joins Jane III with Broadway musical cred in Lion King and acting knocks from TV’s Alias, Cosby, and Nickelodeon’s Gullah, Gullah Island. The group’s break-out album, mixes soulful chill with beats that move your feet to produce a fresh urban sound not far from the mainstream burbs. Jumping from rap to contemporary R&B, Jane III busts open with wild jams. Producers and musicians Rufus Blaq and T Pain pack with their signature music and wistful wordplay to keep fans groovin’. One fun, slammin’ sample, Screensaver, teases with its slow entry then detonates in high energy. Screensaver catches the frenzy of text-message, camera-phone culture between guys and girls. Jane III first hit the streets under the apt moniker Jane Doe--teenage girls who harbored unknown talent trying to find their place and themselves in the world of entertainment. Their lyrics strike a chord on the value of self-esteem to many who may not consider themselves ‘beautiful’. The girls sing about what they go through and what everyone can relate to. Today, Jane III blends the unique groove and style of each its three female performers into one dynamic unit. (The girls, themselves, also hang as inseparable sisters.) No one tries to out-do the other, but rather to make her sisters shine. Each one sings her praises of the other two. Jerika, born in New Jersey but totally LA, you learn, lives tight in the family musical tradition. Prone to a quiet, laid-back persona--until she starts to rap, she also sings in a very high yet airy voice—loyal Jerika busts your calm expectations with sudden spinning-popping flair, hip-hop moves. She claims to be a geeky nerd with interest in literature, art and psychology. Tristin, from New Orleans via New York, aims to make people happy. She carries the deeper, more powerful notes and stuns when she sheds her girly-girl image with an un-prissy energetic eruption. As if four to eight hours of rehearsal per day were not enough, spontaneous Tristin tends to rouse the girls from midnight sleepovers, when they could be dancing instead! She also has business management aspirations. Tristin is more of the crunk, crazy one of the group. Earanequa, the self-proclaimed silly baby of the group, shimmies with Valley Girl despite having lived in London for three years. Her alter ego takes over when its time to sing and dance. Projecting a deep,strong, mellow, airy voice she becomes--when her feet take control--the rolling, taunting, sexy one in the group that knocks the boys out of their seats. Earanequa also envisions an artsy future—if not, then judicial possibilities. Having to choose between singing or dancing stumps the girls of Jane III. They cannot live without both. And while they may be performing the same routine on stage, each one does so in her own flavor. Lights! Camera! Action! Not just singers and dancers, Jane III is a band of performers and entertainers. The more fun, the better they get—because they give it their all. Three very sweet girls who giggle all the time? And more. Jane III offers something for everybody: cool chill, crazy curly, and beautiful brown. Be prepared for something new, different, fresh, and vibrant. With such raw female vigor and ambition (times three), don’t be surprised to find Jane III go platinum, headline a tour, and sell out all the best venues.

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