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There are 2 artists using the name Jane Austen. 1. Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817) was an English novelist and audio books of her work may have her tagged as the artist. Her insights into women's lives and her mastery of form and irony have made her one of the most noted and influential novelists of her era despite being only moderately successful during her lifetime. Austen's work is today considered an important part of the English literary canon and is the subject of a massive body of scholarly and critical work. The novels are also widely read in a non-academic setting, simply for pleasure. Since her death, Austen's unfinished novels and minor works, including her Juvenilia (written in three notebook volumes between 1787 and 1793), have been published. Her major works have never been out of print. Today, visitors remember Austen at two museums dedicated to her. The Jane Austen Centre in Bath is a public museum located in a Georgian House in Gay Street, just a few doors down the street from number 25 where Austen stayed in 1805. The Jane Austen's House Museum is located in Chawton cottage, in Hampshire, where Austen lived from 1809 to 1817. 2. Jane Austen is an alias of a minimal and noise artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her myspace page states that she has been using the alias for at least 4 years.

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