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Jangli Jaggas is a melodic instrumental metal music project inspired by Konami's Castlevania game series. Nasir Tajuddin from Pakistan and Rickard Slotte from Finland teamed up in 1999 to work on this project. In 2002, Jangli Jaggas became the first asian metal act to top the instrumental, black metal and progressive metal charts at MP3.COM - the most powerful music resource available back then. The project remained the #1 act on MP3.COM's asian metal charts for almost 2 straight years and was consistently featured in the top 10 for every genre its songs were featured in. During this time, Jangli Jaggas was evaluated by metal magazines, local journalists and websites and received excellent reviews. Unfortunately, with the demise of MP3.COM, all Jangli Jaggas content was taken offline when the site closed down in 2003-2004. The project came to a close in 2009.

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