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Janne Da Arc (ジャンヌダルク) was a japanese rock band. They were able to mix an edgy, crisp sound with catchy melodies-satisfying both hardcore rock/metal fans and those who prefer simple melody. members : Yasu (currently in Acid Black Cherry) as vocalist you on guitar 松本和之/DAMIJAW (Kazuyuki Matsumoto / ka-yu) on bass kiyo on keyboards shuji on drums Osaka 1989. At the age of 14, Yasu and Ka-yu, who went to school together, decide to form a band. The two recruit Kiyo and Chiba. The formation is Yasu on vocals, Ka-yu on bass, Chiba on drums and Kiyo on keyboard. For unknown reasons, Ka-yu then leaves the band and is replaced by Ino. In 1990, the band is given the name Okyan Teiisu. In 1991, you joins the group as the new guitarist. The name Janne Da Arc is now adopted, inspired by a character from the manga Violence Jack, created by Go Nagai. Chiba leaves the group for several months in 1992, and Shuji becomes the backup drummer for the band until Chiba returns. In that same year, Ka-yu returns, and the group begins their time as an indies band in the Japanese rock scene, recording their first demo tape in November. Two more demo tapes follow in 1993 and 1994. In 1995, Chiba leaves the band for good and Shuji becomes the permanent drummer. In 1997, the 4 song demo tape Resist is recorded. Starting in 1998, we see the bands first CD releases: a trio of mini albums. The releases started with Dearly, followed by a re-recorded version of Resist (with 2 new songs), and finally CHAOS MODE in March of 1999. After the release of CHAOS MODE, 1999 also brought about a turning point in the history of Janne Da Arc. The band was finally signed to a major label, Avex Trax, and their debut single as a major group, RED ZONE was released that May. The band then embarks upon their first tour as a major group, CHAOS ZONE. 2000 brings their first major album, D.N.A.. From then on, they were a major player in the rock scene as one of the best selling bands. On January 26, 2007 the band announced that Janne Da Arc would be put on hiatus and the band members would be working on their solo projects.

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