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Using lyrical skills, controversial subject matter, and phat beats, Jasiri X shows and proves that real Hip-hop is not in the least bit dead. Chuck D of Public Enemy once boldly declared that “Hip-hop was the CNN of the ghetto”, no artist has better embraced and embodied that concept than Jasiri X. Jasiri X is a MC, Activist and Entrepreneur. He recently burst on the National and International Hip-Hop scene with the controversial hit song “FREE THE JENA 6″ which was played on more than 100 radio station across the country and over 500,000 times on the internet ,was named “Hip-hop Political Song of the Year”, and won “Single of the Year” at the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards. He followed that up with a searing commentary on the Sean Bell murder titled “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Featuring two videos produced by two of Hip-Hop most decorated veterans X-Clan’s Paradise the Arkitech and NYOIL, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” spread like wildfire across the country and lead to Jasiri X’s first performance in New York City and a taped appearance on BET’s Rap City. As President of LYRICS Inc. Jasiri successfully navigates communication with youth and adults showing the pros and cons of this growing phenomenon called Hip-Hop. He recently became the first Hip-Hop artist to receive the August Wilson Center for African American Culture Fellowship. Jasiri released his debut album AMERICAN HISTORY X in December of 2009. Featuring an all-star lineup of international producers AMERICAN HISTORY X made several best of 2009 lists and was named Album of the Year at the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards. A 6 time Pittsburgh Hip-Hop award winner Jasiri is currently working on Season 4 of his highly successful series “This Week With Jasiri X” and preparing to release his sophomore album “The Ascension” with acclaimed producer Rel!g!ion on Wandering Worx entertainment.

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