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Jason Steele is an independent film maker. He created such short films as "Charlie The Unicorn" and "Spatula Madness" (soon to be a full length motion picture). He co-hosts the podcast KnoxKast Radio which has been a featured podcast on the iTunes Comedy Directory. He is a good friend of Robert Benfer, creator of "Knox's Korner" and the Klay World series of short films. Many of his short films are centered around unicorns. In Klay World: Off the Table by Robert Benfer, Jason played King Womp. In full length version of Spatula Madness Jason will play Edward the Spatula. Jason Steele is going to play Morph, Professor Brain, and Larry in Robert Benfer's upcoming full length film Villain. He has been credited for the visual effects on Robert Benfer's Klay World series, as well as Villian (which he did sound effects for as well) and Klay World: Off the Table. His official site is www.filmcow.com.

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