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Jayb biography

JayB aka Johannes Berthold is a German electronic dance music producer and sound designer. He learned piano 12 years ago, started playing guitar 11 years ago and also took classical singing lessons for 5 years. His musical experiences lie somewhere between classical music and contemporary pop and rock, jazz, metal and modern dance sound. He started producing in 2003 and earned first successes in 2009 when a track of his was played by Above & Beyond at Trance Around The World radio show. Now his tracks are signed with Fenology (Woody van Eyden), Breathemusic (Christian Stein), Enhanced Recordings (Will Holland) - as well as numerous remixes on other labels. In Dec 2011, JayB became a brony. You can live with that or you cannot. But from time to time there will be pony related songs, next to the "normal" ones, of course.

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