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J.C. Lodge is a British singer, actress and painter of Jamaican decent born in 1958. Her music is Reggae that successfully encorporates Dancehall, Pop, Country, R&B, and Jazz.. She has recorded consistant as a musician since her 1980 debut hit song "Someone Loves You, Honey." Some of her other hit songs include, "More Than I Can Say", "Make It Up To You", "Selfish Love", "Home Is Where The Hurt Is", "Activate Me", "Love You To The Max", among others. J.C. has released 11 studio albums. Her most recent releases are the album "Reggae Country 2." and the singles "Mother" and "Destiny both issued in Spring 2011. It is notable that J.C. made history with the song "Telephone Love." It became the first Reggae song to successfully crossover to the Hip Hop and R&B markets in the U.S. and go to #1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It became a major radio hit in large cities such as New York. "Home Is Where The Hurt Is" became her other hit song to see similar mainstream success Stateside. J.C. has continued to her career, becoming known around the world for her unique voice and music. She has toured such far away places as Japan several times. She also is an accomplished painter and actress. Her works have been exhibited in Kingston art galleries. She also has acted in several theatre productions. J.C. Lodge is currently recording for the Greensleeves Record label. Learn more at her official www.jclodge.com and http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/jclodge

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