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J.nolan biography

J.Nolan, born Jamar Nolan is a 22 year old Hip-Hop artist in Atlanta, GA. He is originally from New Haven, CT and spent a brief part of his childhood in the Bay Area of California. Although currently unsigned, Nolan is becoming one of the south-east region's premier lyricists on the rise with his penchant for mixing fluid wordplay with metaphors and also showing ability to venture into storytelling concepts while maintaining his signature smooth delivery, no matter the subject. Influences consist of Nas, Lupe Fiasco, The Roots, Common, and many others. Nolan cites his first rhyme as being written before 4th grade when his older brother encouraged him to try it out. He quit after that and picked the pen back up in 7th grade for a brief stint before quitting once again. In his freshman year of High School, he resumed writing lyrics after breaking his leg in an accident while playing basketball. Ever since then, J.Nolan was frequently writing songs, freestyling, and battling fellow emcees in local ciphers after school. In 2005, Nolan formed a group with his best friend Osiris The Prophet and cousin Yung B Da Producer. The trio was called Manifest. They officially stayed together until 2007 when they disbanded as solo artists in a crew known as The Manifest Movement. J.Nolan uses this imprint to release his independent mixtapes and free albums.

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