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José Luis Perales (born January 28, 1945 in Castejón-Cuenca, Spain) is a talented singer and composer who has presented part of his extensive work in Carnegie Hall, New York. Since tender age, he showed his pasion for music, and at age 6, he learned how to play the lute. At 16, Perales studied to be an Electrical Engineer at the Universidad Laboral of Sevilla as scholarship student. He joined the university tuna and learned how to play the guitar. And it was then when he knew that music was going to be a big part of his life. After university, Perales went to Madrid where he finished his studies and continued with his music. His first opportunity was as a composer because he did not like to sing and did not want problems with his girlfriend, Manuela. Encouraged by her mother, Mariana, Perales sang in his hometown and some local festivals. However, it is not until he met Rafael Trabucchelli (main Spanish music producer of the time) in 1970 that his career changed totally. Trabucchelli tried to convince Perales to sing but did not succeed. Perales composed "Por que te vas?" ("Why Are You Leaving?") performed by Jeanette, which sold 4 million copies worldwide in 1972, and this is how Trabucchelli finally persuaded him to sing. Perales humbly admitted that it was luck what allowed him to succeed. As a home-loving family man, he had trouble adaping himself to his new life and leaving his current job to dedicate himself to his new career. Despite of his success, Perales is still a humble family man who still lives in Castejon with his now wife, Manuela, which whom he has a son and a daughter, Pablo and Maria. Perales has recorded 27 record productions with more than 50 million copies sold worldwide. His compositions have been recorded by singers such as Raphael, Rocio Jurado, Jeanette, Miguel Bose, Isabel Pantoja, Julio Iglesias, Paloma San Basilio, Mocedades, and La Oreja de Van Gogh among others. His concert tours have included countries such as Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Portugal. He just recently had a concert in the famous Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and will be moving eastward across the USA on his tour. He does not come to America very often but when he does, the seats are full. He has also created a wonderful song called "Que canten los niños"

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