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Josh has been making music with computers since the mid 80's. His signature production style involves sculpting sound into musical textures, taking listeners on a journey. In the dance music world, Josh is known for his debut progressive track, "Wave3," and his Gabriel & Dresden remix collaborations for New Order, DJ Tiesto, Way Out West, Rodger Goode, 4 Strings, Paul Oakenfold and Beber&Tamara. Josh was also the co-founder of Mixman Technologies remixing software, responsible for the creative and technical direction of the product for 8 years. His diverse background includes positions such as mastering engineer (Disney's "Aladdin" soundtrack), sound designer (Oddworld video games), and training engineer for Sonic Solutions editing systems at Warner Brother's Films, Sony Music, and Disney Studios. Josh has an undergraduate degree in music composition from California Institute of the Arts and has studied at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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