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From Junior Marvin of Bob Marley & The Wailers.... “Josh is one of those guys who comes along and fills his music with such an inspiration and with such energy that it translates so easily and positively to anyone hearing it. He is a rare talent in both his ability to craft a song with a certain timeless quality to it, and then, man, his voice, well, I mean, damn, the kid can sing as good as anyone out there; a bright future – that one.” In September 2010, Josh Heinrichs released his highly anticipated, first full length, solo album since disbanding Jah Roots in early 2009. The album, ‘Josh Heinrichs & Friends,’ debuted at #4 on iTunes Best Selling 200 Reggae Albums & in the Top 20 on Amazon's Best Selling Reggae Chart. It also debuted in the Top 200 in Norway, France & Italy's Best Selling iTunes Reggae Albums. The album features a diverse & highly talented mix from today’s current, international, reggae scene. Some of the artists collaborating in the studio with Josh are Aston "Familyman" Barrett of Bob Marley & The Wailers, Hani of Katchafire, Koko of Inna Vision, Clear Conscience, Cas Haley, 77 Jefferson, BW as well as others! Josh Heinrichs Discography: w/ Jah Roots: * Steppin' Out Of Babylon (2002) * More Herbs for the Youth (2005) * Babylon Weak Heart w/ Baddaflexx (2005) * Crucial (album) (2006) * Joy (Jah Roots album) (2008) Solo Albums: * Josh Heinrichs ""Things Change"" EP (2009) * Josh Heinrichs with Cas Haley ""Favorites"" (2009) * Josh Heinrichs with 77 Jefferson ""These Days"" Single (2009) * Josh Heinrichs with Clear Conscience ""New Love"" Single (2010) * Josh Heinrichs ""Live in Hawaii"" LP (2010) * Josh Heinrichs ""Josh Heinrichs & Friends"" LP (2010)

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