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Since his first piano lessons at age five, Josh Money has been composing music. Looking forward to a promising future as a traditional composer, he studied classical composition, guitar, and piano at Macon State. But after hearing the music of producer BT, he took an interest in electronic music and soon learned his true passion was producing behind a computer. After completing his AA in classical guitar, he enrolled at FullSail and in his second month won 1st place in a theme song writing competition for the indie film Flying Tiger. During this time he also made his first introduction into the world of electronic music by writing and singing vocals for the progressive trance hit "400 Years Till Dawn". After graduating with Full Sail's Perfect Attendance Award, he continued to broaden the scope of his work by accepting the role of film composer, scoring the indie mockumentary Stagbunny. In 2010 he began producing full-time out of his home studio in Orlando, focusing on a darker, heavier side of electronic music. Experimenting with elements of dubstep, metal, and advanced classical theory, this newer sound immediately caught the ear of veteran UK producer Deekline, who immediately signed Josh's first dubstep release to Sludge Records. With an entire album, more EPs, several remixes, and a live show in the works, the future looks to be the most exciting time yet for this evolving young producer.

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