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From the anthemic to the most eclectic of grooves, Josh One has a sound all his own. His music has been labeled everything from Soul Hop to Down-tempo and has proven very difficult to categorize. Producing music for his own records as well for others, Josh has found success at many different levels. His first record “Contemplation” (2001) rose to the top of the European dance charts leading to his platinum remix success of the Grammy nominated Nappy Roots “Po Folks”(2003) song. His first full-length Dual Disc album “Narrow Path” (2004) has shown success in the TV & Film industry, with the song “Grey Skies” being used in the premier episode of CSI New York and for Acura. Since then he has had numerous placements in the TV realm (CSI Miami, Queer As Folk, Windfall, Cracking Up, Acura, Scion, Out Of Order just to name a few). The song “Miss Me” (2004) from “Narrow Path” (2004) also had a Grammy noted nomination in the Urban/Alternative category in 2006. Josh One has also produced songs for the likes of Sean Paul, Natasha Bedigfield, and L.Shenkar, world-renowned violinist/vocalist. Playing to a packed crowds, Josh One delivers crowd-moving tracks by mixing old skool hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk, house - basically anything that makes you feel good! With a solid delivery and excellent turntable skills, Josh One will impress even the most critical skeptic.

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