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Josh T. Pearson is a American musician from Texas. In 1996 he formed the short-lived but now critically-acclaimed band Lift to Experience, who released one double album, The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, in 2001 before splitting up soon after. Pearson is currently pursuing a solo career, which so far has consisted of a number of tours, both headlining and supporting. He no longer plays any Lift to Experience songs live. In January 2010, Pearson recorded an album of epic acoustic ballads in Berlin. He also recorded two songs with pianist Dustin O'Halloran while in Berlin, "Sweetheart I Ain't Your Christ" and "Country Dumb". In September 2011 a limited-edition "unofficial Bootleg" (1,000 copies) of Pearson recorded live at London's Union Chapel entitled "The King Is Dead" was released to coincide with Pearson's UK summer festival appearances.

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