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There are at least six different bands/artists named Joshua. 1. New York based three-piece indie-rock band consisting of Keith Bogart (bass), Shane Chikeles (drums), and Dan Coutant (vocals/guitar). First release in 1997 was a self-titled EP through Doghouse Records. After two additional EPs and the recruitment of second guitarist Rob Suchan, they released their first full-length Album, A Whole New Theory in 1999, also through Doghouse Records. 2. Joshua is a hard rock band founded by guitarist Joshua Perahia. The band has had several members who are well known for their solo works nowadays, such as Rob Rock and Ken Tamplin. 3. Joshua is a rock/pop group from Aarhus, Denmark. They are similar in sound to Porcupine Tree, Queen, Anathema and Pearl Jam. 4. Real Name: Olivier Picard Profile: Joshua started mixing in 1992 after hearing a Techno program on the radio. Some BPMs later, his style had become Hardcore… He then started creating music and released his first EPs in September ’98 on KS Records and Epiteth Records. Others followed on KS, Epiteth, Beast, Neurotoxic… until 2002 when he released his ‘Spleen’ mix CD. He also played in a lot of parties like ‘Hardcore Paradise’ in Strasbourg , at the KL in Toulouse, at D-Day in Nancy, in London… Joshua likes morbid ambiences, industrial sounds & dancefloor tracks that are not too linear. In april 2000 he created his own label Striking Wave to release new artists of the electronic scene. 5. Joshua is the name of the spacious acoustic strings / drone project of former Tower Recordings member Joshua Burkett. He recorded an album, "Gold Cosmos" in 2001 containing collaborations with Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance), Chris Corsano (Sunburned Hand of the Man), Dredd Foole, as well as former Tower Recordings members P.G. Six and Matt Valentine (MV + EE Medicine Show). He also collaborated with Finnish liberated folk/ sonic tapestry group Kemialliset Ystävät on the 2004 Eclipse/Time-Lag compilation "By The Fruits You Shall Know the Roots." 6. Joshua is a band defining their own music "street pop". The leader of the band, Greg Avau, is a young Brussels artist with diverse talents. In 2001 he started working with Joshua, and in 2004 the MC and hiphop singer Senso joined Joshua. In 2005 their first album “L’Homme À La Tête De Chien” was very successful. Their latest album “Music & Chocolates” is situated between electro and hiphop style.

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