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Singer-songwriter Josiah Leming was a Top 50 contestant on the 7th season of American Idol. Despite not making the semifinals, Leming appears to be one of the most popular contestants, having amassed a rabid MySpace following of more than 20,000 friends and making appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Access Hollywood, among others, as well as being featured on Leming was born in a small town in East Tennessee. He was raised by a mother and a father who worked ceaselessly to put food on the table for Josiah and his 8 siblings, including four brothers and four sisters. Where money was sometimes scarce, Josiah's parents made up it for with a more than sufficient amount of love and support. It was these humble beginnings that gave birth to an unbelievable sense of ambition and pride in Josiah. At a young age it was clear to see that Josiah was driven by a restless, and sometimes reckless imagination that never ceased to grip him. From that imagination came the devotion to create a truly original and inspiring art form drawn from a large influencial pool including writers, singers, actors and political figures. At the age of 8 Josiah began playing the piano, almost completely self taught, with the fundamental help of a local elderly piano instructor. Josiah began writing his own music around the age of 16, and began performing locally shortly thereafter. After picking up the guitar, bass, and drums, Josiah pretty much abandoned structured education, and at the age of 17 dropped out of school, to the dismay and disrespect of many. Josiah is now travelling the country, performing and fighting his way to the top of the national and local scenes. As far as the music goes? Explanations are not needed, just give him a listen. (: (this paragraph was written by Josiah Leming, I figured 3rd person sounded more professional.)

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