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José Antônio Viana de Hollanda, aka Jotta A., was born October 8, 1998 in Guajará-Mirim (Rondônia), Brazil. Now living in Sorocaba (São Paulo), Brazil, he got his start in singing gospel music very young, one of his first singing engagements being singing a duet with well-established gospel singer Lauriete Rodrigues, the song being her hit song "Deus dos Deuses" when Jotta A. was only 6 years old. His YouTube videos have had more than 30,000 hits, and he has recently released a CD called "Essência" after winning the competition "Jovens Talentos Kids" on the SBT television network in Brazil when he was 12 years old. People have compared Jotta A. to Michael Jackson in his childhood years.

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