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Jovink En De Voederbietels biography

Jovink & de Voederbietels were founded in 1992 by Jan Lovink and Gijs Jolink (together: Jovink). A group of friends and fans that were at every gig were called: the voederbietels, hence the name. The band plays music in Achterhoeks, a variety of the Low Saxon language. The music can be described as a sort of rock-and-roll, rock, country mixture. The band now consists of founders Hendrik Jan Lovink and Gijs Jolink and drummer Hans Bouman and solo guitarist Hendrik Jan Bökkers. Jovink en de Voederbietels announced in march 2007 to quit touring due to health problems. Although they will maintain organizing the Zwarte Cross festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands.

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