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The Japanese singer redirects to here: Joseph Greenwood (Joy) There are several groups named Joy: 1) Most known "Joy" is a 80s euro disco trio from Austria. 2) Psychedelic Blues Rock band from San Diego, US. They released self-titled album in 2012. 3) French electronic music duo who are brothers, Lucas et Baptiste Malgoire. 4) A Belgian trio with Marc Huyghens 5) Belgian people (J.C. Maury , Patrick Fasseau) from Belgium in 1987, whose only production was the track "Elle et moi" (She and i) in 1987. 6) Swedish Post-punk/New-wave band. Released a couple of 7" in the 80's. 7) Electronica artist. One of his songs, "The Crow" was recently been featured on the chillout music compilation L'été abstrait vol. 3 8) Five piece rock band from Louisiana, active in the the 70's. 9) Japanese punk/hardcore group from Tokyo. 10) A female Serbian singer. 11) A South African vocal group consisting of Felicia Marian, Thoka Ndlozi and Anneline Malebo who had a N°1 hit in South Africa in 1980 with "Paradise Road". 12) A female singer living in Auroville, India. She sings mainly in English and Sanskrit. 13) An acoustic band from Boston, Mass. 14) Some Christian bands 15) A new swedish rapper named Joy M'batha, released her first single "Kattliv" in november 2014. 1) "Joy" is a 80s euro disco trio from Austria, best known for the hits "Touch By Touch", "Valerie", "Japanese girl", "Night Of The Nights" and more great hits. Members: - Andy Schweitzer (1984-1990; 2010-present), - Manfred Temmel (1984-1988, 1994-present), - Michael Scheickl (2013-present) - Freddy Jaklitsch (1984-1988, 1994-2013), - Hans Morawitz (1988-1990)

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