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What Joy Jones does with music is nothing short of musical alchemy. What results is an offering of her work as an anthropologist and scientist, her world travels and her musical heritage. Although from Trinidadian heritage, Joy was raised in Los Angeles. After attending Duke University where she studied biology and cultural anthropology, Joy moved to the United Kingdom. At the University of London she studied medical anthropology by day and the local art scene by night. While in Europe she performed in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. When Joy returned to LA she began work on her one-woman-show entitled, THE NAPPY GODDESS COMPLEX. It ran for 4 weeks at the Hudson Theater and received rave reviews. Joy also became a fixture on LA's underground spoken word/ soul movement. In addition to performing around the city, Joy has traveled from the West Coast of Africa to the West Coast of America, sharing her work in Cuba, Turkey and Swaziland among other places. She is currently a recipient of the 2002 California Arts Council Individual Artist In Residence Prograqm Grant, which allows her to conduct literary workshops with HIV positive individuals. Growing up, Joy Jones sang in church and later nurtured an interest in spoken word and song writing. After graduating, she moved to London and was moved by the fact so many people were making a living from their creativity. Recently Joy has reconnected with the London art scene to complete her debut CD with the legendary Bugz In The Attic Crew. Her highly anticipated album, Godchild, which was released in early 2009, and was a journey into postmodern funk, surrealist soul and intergalactic grooves for the people. Joy Jones hopes that listeners of her new album will be touched by its messages and themes: “I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I want to say and the messages I want to put out. This is a labor of love and I hope that it translates and transforms into a tool for change. This journey to LP has largely been due to divine choreography, fabulous blessings and good folks. I am constantly amazed at the trajectory.”

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