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Label One Thousand Records. After Paris Nights, Her first big success was Rockin Romance in 1991 (it was released in France under Happy Music and featured some remixes of Black Box and DJ Herbie). Then came The Mystery of Love the same year, it was remixed by Joey Negro. She released her first album, just entitled Joy Salians, in the italo house garage style which was very popular at this time. One of her song was used as theme for the Italian movie Vacanze di Natale '91. 1992 : in April she released her third single Party Time, then she contributed to DJ Herbie's single Party Time, released on the 1st of August. She appeared in many music TV shows such as Superclassifica Show, Festivalbar and Mio Capitano. For the following singles she adopted eurodance style. At this time she started being very successful in Europe and especially in France. Bip Bip was released in 1993, in May in Italy and in October in France under Airplay Records. It entered top 10 in this country, in the Club chart as well as in the CD-maxi sales charts. Behind this successful single stood the producers Max and Frank Minoia as well as Silvia Bideri & Claudio Donato. Hands Off was released as single, it featured the backing vocals of Karen Jones (vocalist of Bitmachine), Laura Mancini (who had also done backing vocals for People Talk) and the rapper Melvin Hudson. In January 1994 People Talk was released, featuring the same musical team as well as Karen Jones as backing vocals and the rapper Melvin Hudson. It didn't had the success expected even if it was featured on many compilations. The maxi CD contained a Road Radio mix, a Road Club mix, the album version and a remix of Hands Off as bonus track. The follow-up was out in June in Italy and in July in France. Gotta Be Good, produced by Fargetta, was an excellent eurodance track which however failed to reach the popularity of the previous singles. One month later, remixes of Rockin Romance by Cappella were released. With Calling You Love, published in January 1995, and featuring raps by Kevin Orlando Ettienne, she went back to a more ragga influence. This was the last single that she released in France, the following singles were only national released. In 1995 Joy Salinas did a very successful tour in Brazil. Her follow-up single Deputy Of Love was released. Give Me A Break was featured on the motion soundtrack of the movie Panarea. Written by Nexel, Barkyus and Joy herself, it was arranged and performed by Nexel and Barkyus. Claudio Donato was executive producer for the label Antibemusic. In 1996 came Dream In Paradise. It was written by Nexel, Barkyus and Joy Salinas, arranged and remixed by Alex Neri and Marco Baroni, recorded at Bass Recording Studio. 2008 : in February, Joy teamed with DJ Groovy on the track Desafinado.

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