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JOYCE GREEN Born Joyce Olivia Green, 2 March 1940, Bradford, Arkansas Joyce made only one record, but what a record. 'Black Cadillac' just has to be one of the best rockers made by a femme during the fifties. The lyrics put together by, at the time, a nineteen-year old girl are remarkable and must have caused many a preacher to tear out his or her hair in frustration at such apparent obscenities. Joyce Olivia Green was born March 2, 1940 in the town of Bradford, Arkansas, where she still lives today. Her parents were Eva Phillips and Glenn Green. Joyce grew up in a musical family together with sister Doris and brothers Dalon, Philip and Glenn Jnr.. Glenn had been playing trumpet in a brass band, but could also play a little guitar. Joyce was nine when she learned the first chords on the guitar: "We didn't have any musical lessons, we learned by watching each other. I don't remember how old I was when I began to sing, but I've always liked to sing." Together with her brothers and sister, she sang in the local church and they soon formed a trio. It was not long after this that they began playing on picnics and gatherings. She entered several talent contests that she usually won. It was when Elvis came on the musical scene she know what she wanted to sing. She was fortunate to have seen him twice and loved the way he sang. Joyce debuted in 1957 on the radio in Searcy, Arkansas with a local musician by the name of Jimmy Douglas. The show was broadcast every Saturday morning from a restaurant. Jimmy played a lot in the local juke joints and nightclubs and he wanted Joyce to join him. Both parents said no, but after some negotiations and as long as brother Glenn came along she was allowed to go. At this time, Joyce was the only female rocker in Arkansas.

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