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There are at least three artists named Joyful Noise. 1. Joyful Noise are a contemporary Christian group from Kansas, who released the album "A Mother's Prayer" in 2007. 2. Joyful Noise is a Messianic Jewish Punk Rock Band. MySpace: Ever listened to hava nagila and other jewish songs and thought, hey this will sound great with fast drums, thumping bass and blazing guitar, well we did! They formed as a band in February 2001, and have been playing at conferences, gigs, concerts and Benefits around Victoria, Australia since. With Nath, the most yidish goy ever shouting till he needs his inhaler, the girls jordan and Nadege providing some harmony and energy, ash rocking and making the 'noise' on guitar, sam banging on drums and other things and Jord, um, playing bass, Joyful Noise play a unique style of punk/rock/klezma/jazz/funk/metal and traditional jewish music that will get stuck in your head all day. We are busy writing and shouting for our debut album due to be released in 2007. Stay tuned for more loud crazy songs... 3. Joyful Noise is a house music artist(s) of Qalomota Records.

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