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There are at least 2 artists with this name. 1) Forgotten Woods members black metal turned depressive rock project from Bergen, Norway Discography: Unlimited Hate- CD 1996 Joyless-Apokryphus- SPLIT 1997 Blue In The Face- 10" 1999 Wisdom & Arrogance- CD/ LP 2000 Eidyllion-Uppgivet Hjarta- SPLIT 2005 Wild Signs of The Endtime- CD 2009 Joyless- Bethlehem- 7" split 2009 Joyless- Urfaust- 7" split 2009 *7” Split- Joyless/ Dekadent Aesthetix Without Support- CD 2011 2) Joyless is the project of Cindy Tong, an Indonesian-Chinese born in Jakarta, grown up in Singapore and currently living in Boston. Formerly part of the band AIFF, she now plays synthpop with influences such as jazz, electronica and new age, and has released one album, "Disquiet Peace".

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