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Jphelpz biography

John Phelps, aka Jphelpz, is known for creating heavy dubstep and drumstep smashers with his own signature clanky metal sounds and ripping bass and drums, along with a dark, evil soul to his music that makes it easily recognizable. Like Trollphace, Getter, Haunta, Bommer, and Aweminus, Phelps doesn't do house. He does dubstep music, and the dark, grimy tone he brings to the scene gains a lot of attention from big names such as Datsik, who has accepted Jphelpz on his label Firepower Records. With not only a large number of free and paid singles, Jphelpz has also boasted a laundry list of big releases on popular labels such as Xenomorph, Prime Audio, Abducted Records, Lightyear Audio, Firepower Records, and others. Having been in the scene since 2011, you could say Phelps knows what he's doing, and it doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon, with confirmed future release dates and his fan number growing by the second. Judging by his success so far, the future is very bright for Jphelpz, and he means business.

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