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Jrumhand biography

www.myspace.com/jrumhand Jrumhand hails from London but now resides in Kent. He is a creator and lover of musical drum and bass. With two releases already on the wicked new label Binary Soul Records and more to follow, Jrumhand is busy developing his production skills using Ableton Live. His music has already featured in the sets of legendary DJ's such as Dezert Rat, Mike Bolton (PFM), Pete Rann, Neil Trix and LJ High. Jrumhand is receiving massive radio support from LJ High & MC HiFi on KunninMindz radio in particular as well as on Bassdrive radio by DJ Stunna from Chicago, DJ Overfiend in New York and Methodus in Florida. There is also huge support by a French connection of DJ's and producers such as Psyko Konceptor and Slycut via Dropzone Frequency Radio. Jrumhand is grateful for all the support shown so far and will continue to pursue his passion for this genre of music.

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