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Js-16 biography

Behind the name JS16 is the Finnish musician Jaakko Salovaara who released his first vinyl "Hypnosynthesis" at the age of 16 (hence the name). His interest in composing dance and house music was inspired by DJ:ing which he picked up at the age of 14. This dance artist has a solid classical background as he began taking cello lessons already at the age of five. At the age of 20 Jaakko played the cello for one year in the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. However, by this time making his own music started taking an ever increasing share of Jaakko's time forcing him to leave his cello to less attention. In 1998 JS16 released an album named Stomping System. The tracks Stomping System, Stomp to My Beat and Love Supreme were great hits in Finland. The name track Stomping System experienced great success in the UK club scene recahing #6 on UK Club Chart. When the album was released in Japan, Stomp to my Beat made it to #1 on two major radio stations' dance charts. In 1999 Love Supreme was released in the UK where it reached high positions on several charts. Stomp to my Beat hit the charts in Canada and Australia and became a club hit in USA charting #17 on Billboards maxisingles sales chart. The track was also well played in US clubs and radios. At the moment Jaakko is probably best known for his work as producer for Darude and Bomfunk MC's which both are receiving top chart positions and gold and platinum sales status in country after country. Darude's track Sandstorm was an enormous hit around Europe and Australia in year 2000 and has hit the charts also in USA during this year. Bomfunk MC's track Freestyler was the most sold single in Europe in year 2000. Jaakko is also the producer of Spectro (the second artist after Darude on Jaakko's own label 16 Inch Records) and a few new signings who will undoubtedly be heard more of during the following year. Versatility is one of the words that describes Jaakko best: along with his several dance music projects he has created a psychedelic jazz record Papa Blue: En Velo which was released by Sähkö Recordings. Jaakko has been nominated Producer Of The Year at the Emma Awards (the Finnish equivalent to Grammy Awards) for three times in a row in the years 1998-2000. The awards are granted each year by the Finnish Federation of Phonography Industry. Jaakko also received the respected award of the Marketing Act of Year 2000 (Vuoden Markkinointiteko 2000, SML) for his work with Darude and Bomfunk MC's. JS16 has also remixed several well known international artists e.g. Britney Spears, Vanessa Mae, Jessica Folker, Thrillseeker, JDS, Blank & Jones, DJ Alligator Project, Bleachin', ATB, Barcode Brothers, Boom!, Ricky Martin, Alexia, F.R. David, Phil Fuldner, Samantha Fox, Darude, Rinneradio, Kemopetrol, Bomfunk MC's. Taking all this into account it's probably not suprising that it has already been a couple of years since JS16's last solo album, Stomping System.

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