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If you are searching for "RUF" aka "DJ JSL", the page is located here: http://www.last.fm/music/RUF This page references Minneapolis-based electronica/hip-hop artist/producer JSL. Born and raised on the south side of Minneapolis, MN, JSL has always had music in his blood. His influences began forming early, even from small things, such as his family growing up next-door to Prince (The two families even had to share electricity from time to time.), to having nine aunts and uncles around that always had an instrument in hand. JSL began composing music on several instruments as young as eleven and when older, performed at numerous events and venues (First Ave., 7th St. Entry, The Orpheum etc.) with various projects. JSL has since gone on to produce music for artists nation-wide as well as DJ’ing and performing original live-sets as opportunities arise. With the aforementioned live show more often than not spur of the moment, you’re guaranteed to never hear the same set twice. After releasing “Score” (his full-length debut), a companion EP entitled “Redux” including a series of remixes by select electronica artists was prepared and released in 2011. Some artists JSL has produced for and/or worked with include: Carnage the Executioner, Colin Mansfield (engineer: Husker Du), Dissociate, Mark Suhonen (Dr. Seahorse), Rek The Heavyweight (Spawn of Atmosphere) and many more. Please contact 301STUDIOS regarding booking, licensing or production inquiries.

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