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Ju-Ju Space Jazz are Dan Conway & Alex Nettelbeck. The grand masters of funked out space-boogie, Ju Ju formed in 1995 in Sydney, Australia with the meeting of Alex Nettelbeck and Dan Conway. After their first album 'HEAD OVER HEELS IN DUB' in 1996, Ju Ju quickly became fixtures on the underground and warehouse party scene in Sydney. Performances that legends are made of, at events such as VibeTribe's 'Stompede' and 'Carmageddeon', an On U Sound System/Tackhead support at the Metro, Newtown Festival 1996, 1997, 1998, as well as inter-state festivals; Beyond the Brain, Transelements, plus regular club appearances all along the east coast of Australia. With the launch of the second album, 'SHLOOP' by London based label Matsuri Productions in early 1998, Ju Ju Space Jazz began receiving more international exposure. Adding the golden horn of trumpet player Lee McIver, Ju Ju toured Europe in 1998 playing Festivals in the U.K, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and the first ever 'Techno Parade' in Paris (300,000 people). Subsequent visits to Europe in 1999 and, more recently, Japan at the Solstice Music Festival just outside Tokyo. Playing increasingly outside the techno scene means the Ju Ju sound has found a wider audience and, contrary to the limited shelf life of many electronic albums, 'SHLOOP' is still selling well in Germany, Japan, the U.K and Northern Europe. Returning to Australia to focus on writing a new album for the new millennium, Ju Ju found a new level of interest from the local scene, leading to live sets with Yumchacha @ Home nightclub, Offshore Festival, the Harbourside Brasserie, Glenworth Valley festival, and 2SER's Freaky Loops. The Ju Ju gang has also written music for dance and theatre pieces, notably One Extra Company's 'the Antwatchers' performed live from high atop a scaffold tower at Newtown Theatre and appeared live on Triple J's Mix-up, in '97 and in'98. Ju Ju have releases on numerous local and international compilations, been played from Tokyo FM to BBC 1 and generally wowed the hell out of anyone who has ever seen a live show. And now, after almost two years, INTERSOUND - the long awaited follow up album to Shloop has finally hit the streets. Intersound The new album, released November 2000 by Kookyburra Recordings in Australia, Spiritzone-Germany Internationally, is an ambitious, far-reaching and focused work. The guest musician list is huge with strings, guitars, much live percussion, various vocalists (Morika Elek and Antigone Foster as well as the mysterious MC Zen), poetry and thumpin' disco. Funky, unique and unavoidably - Ju Ju Space Jazz. The new feel is also beginning to become more evident in their live sets which show a far more main-dance-floor' sensibility than before. All precious elements of lateral wiggle have still been maintained. Live sets: Having taken a break for much of 2000 Ju Ju are about to unleash the Intersound live set on eagerly anticipating audiences. Ju Ju Space Jazz live, featuring the extraordinary space trumpet of Lee McIver is a funky, crunchy, wah pants experience. Dan and Alex use instruments from both analog and digital realms: custom built micro-phones, full live sequencer set ups and all manner of sonic devices, turntables, vintage keyboards, drum machines and samplers. Performances range from ambient electronic, hip hop to thumping funklaced disco beats. The debut Intersound live gig and album launch featured a cast of 15 musicians on stage and attracted close to 1,000 people to the Metro to see the larger than life, space-disco spectacular. 2001 Ju Ju tracks have been play listed for December 2000 and January 2001 on JJJ as well receiving excellent support and airplay from independent radio around Australia. Undercover Mystic has been included on Qantas in-flight radio for January thanks to Angela Catterns of ABC fame and enthusiastic responses have come back from as far as Zagreb, Croatia. After playing the 'Big Day Out' in Sydney Ju Ju launch their New Zealand mission, headlining the Splore outdoor festival as well as playing Dancing in the Streets in Auckland. Ju Ju will then focus on spreading the Intersound word along the East coast of Australia with gigs in Brisbane, Byron, Wollongong, Newcastle, Melbourne and Canberra. The Ju Ju Space Jazz website is taking it's first heaving breaths as Angus Chad and Brett Stanley unleash their design madness on the web for us. Plans for upcoming features include downloadable audio, frequently updated 'stories' page and much much more...... Visit Planet Ju Ju at jujuspacejazz.com Then it's off overseas for the European summer festival circuit.

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