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Jumper biography

There are more than one artist with the name 'Jumper' 1) Jumper was a swedish rock band from Kristinehamn. The band consisted of: - Niklas Hillbom (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) - Jan Linda Lindström (piano, organ, backing vocals) - Preben Rydin (guitar) - Martin Andersson (bass) - Jonas Moberg (drums) During the years 1996-2000 they released three full-length albums and 11 singles. After Jumper disbanded Niklas and Jan have started (not-so-successful) solo careers. 2) Jumper (점퍼) is a new K-pop duo that debuted on February 13, 2008 on KBS Music Bank. Consisting of Kim Rokhyun (vocal) and Park Dongmin (rap), their songs have been produced by 신화's Andy. Their debut single Yes! featured 신화's Eric. 3) Jumper! is a Pop Punk band from Boston, MA. They have two albums out on Good Looks We On The Beach entitled "Call The Cops, I Dont Give A F***" & "Its Always Something". Both up for free download. The pot head three piece has ben off and on for the last 2 years despite the full length (Its Always Something)

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