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JUST WENT BLACK is a hardcore punk band from Hamburg, Germany. That’s basically all you need to know. In case you are interested in what we have been doing for the last couple of years, here’s a short history of the band: In late summer 2001, JUST WENT BLACK started as a five piece hardcore band in Hamburg, northern Germany, and quickly recorded a first four-song demo tape in January 2002. The demo received quite some positive attention, and the band started playing shows around Germany in March 2002. After a couple of shows throughout summer, the band came to a sudden stop and broke up in September 2002 due to internal difficulties. But some band members felt that the bands time wasn't over yet, and so they reformed JWB in spring 2003 with a new line-up and new songs. But after a single show, the band had to reorganize once more: Two members quit and two new ones were quickly found, forming the band's present line-up. With the now solid line-up, JWB recorded five songs in July 2003 for their first seven inch record titled "Balancing Reasons in an Unbalanced World", released in fall 2003 by Assault Records, a DIY hardcore label from Bremen, Germany. A first tour in September took them all around Germany and Austria supporting this debut release. Over the next one and a half years, JWB continued playing shows all around Europe. In fall 2004, a second European tour followed and they played in countries like Slovakia, Hungary and Sweden. After this tour, JWB retired to their rehearsal room to complete the songs for their debut LP. In early 2005, JWB recorded 11 tracks for this first full length record, called „Tides“. The record shows how JWB have built on their very own distinctive sound over the two years since the release of „Balancing Reasons“; they have matured considerably and evolved musically. The record was released by New Age Records (CD version) and Assault Records (LP version) in fall of 2005. In support of this record, JWB debarked on their third European tour, this time heading south to countries like France, Spain and Portugal. In July 2006, JWB hit the road once more and toured all around Europe, this time together with their partners in crime from Portugal, DAY OF THE DEAD. Spring 2007 brings a new JWB record, titled “Embracing Emptiness”. It’s a 6-Song 10”/CD-EP. Vinyl will again be released by Assault Records, the CD Version will be split up between Blacktop Records (European Version) and New Age Records (US Version). The new material shows the band taking the next step turn in redefining its very own sound. The songs are more hard-hitting than the “Tides” material, while maintaining the same dark vibe and melodies.

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